Thursday, October 22, 2015


Did anybody else ever notice that the teacher's favorite students were always the charming troublemakers? As a self-proclaimed straight-laced girl (albeit reluctantly - I always wanted to think I was a Jen Lindley, but in reality I'm a total Joey Potter (Pacey + Joey = 4-ever, but I digress...)) this frustrated to me to no end. I never understood why teachers would prefer an impish grin & misplaced potential to my... reliability. 

Well, I get it now. 

Don't be deceived by this lovely dresser's sweet and charming exterior. She went kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. As you can see from the before pictures below she was a bit weathered and coming apart in a few places. She simply needed a gentle (hard) nudge (shove) in the right direction to reach her full potential. I've refinished several pieces and the transformation the top of this dresser went through still impresses me (so much so I had to do two Before & After shots). Such gorgeous wood underneath all those layers of laquer and stain! Despite the extra elbow grease she totally won me over.

Say hello to my favorite troublemaker, Lindley.


Playing in the background:
  • Chvrches, Every Eye Open
  • Jill Andrews, The War Inside
  • The song, "War Paint", by FLETCHER

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