Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Apparently, "Nesting" is a common instinct Mamas get to prepare for the arrival of their babies. There are several legitimate sources that back this theory up. 
                    *This is probably where I should mention I am not, I repeat NOT, pregnant 
Oddly enough, none of these sources mention Aunts being struck with this very same urge. Because they do. They totally do. Please see photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 below as evidence to this statement.

I had the distinct pleasure of helping my brother and sister-in-law prepare for my very first niece, Baby A, when I went home for a couple weeks. My plane landed in Birmingham and one of the first things I hear from my brother was, "Welcome! So... want to paint the nursery?". My answer? "Will there be pizza?" I mean... let's be honest. I would have done it without the pizza, but if its all the same to you, let there be pizza!

Give a warm welcome to Belle! 


{Ombre Recipe

My SIL had a very clear vision of what she wanted the nursery to look like and that included an ombre changing table - a first for me! I've included the ratios I chose to go with, but feel free to play around with it. I also recommend swatching the different shades to see how they look before painting (see below).

Attempting to stage their dog, Yukon. I see other furniture bloggers stage with their dogs all the time! Um, its super hard...

Success! Yukon is excited for his new Sister to arrive too.

So. Many. Feels. Awwwwww! We're ready for you, Addison Grey!

Playing in the background:
  • Joy Williams - Venus... I am still heartbroken over the Civil Wars breaking up, but I am really loving her solo stuff. Brava!

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