About Me

The short story...

Christ Follower || Rookie Blogger || Red Head || Furniture Revivalist || Bargain Hunter || Knickknack Hoarder || Southern Raised || DC Dweller || Unabashed Swifty || Reluctant Runner || Wannabe Outdoorsman || Timid Adventurer || Enthusiastic Dancer || All-American Francophile

The only slightly less short story...

I'm just your average, run-of-the-mill, twenty-something trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up with a whole lotta passion for designing, reviving, and repurposing old furniture. I'm an Executive Assistant at a cyber security company in Washington, DC by day and a furniture revivalist by night. My dream is to eventually own a cozy little furniture boutique where I can bring my dog to work (I should probably get a dog). Not sure if that dream is 2 or 20 years away, but I'm enjoying the ride.

Thanks for stopping by. Take a seat, get comfy, grab a drink, and get inspired!

xoxo, jenni

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