Sunday, May 25, 2014



verb (used without object)
1.     to faint; lose consciousness
2.     to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ectasy

Things that make me swoon in no particular order:
  • Scottish Accents
  • Fresh Peonies
  • Dinic's Roast Pork sandwich in Philadelphia
  • Fall in Shenandoah
  • Chivalry
  • First Snow of the winter
  • Beards
  • Antique Maps
  • Breakfast - anytime
  • The score to Pride & Prejudice (The Secret Life of Daydreams in particular)
  • This dresser:

The moment I saw this dresser I knew there was no walking away. I'd never seen a dresser with a shape quite like this one (think trapezoidal). I somehow managed to see through the orangey haze it was to get a pretty clear vision of what I'd like to see this piece become. The slightest hint of metallic gold is absolutely swoon-worthy, don't you think?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I took a bit of a hiatus over the past couple of weeks while I was vacationing on my annual Reunion/Adventure with my best friend. Every year since college we travel abroad for a week to two weeks and this year was London, Vienna, The Alps, and Paris. I figure its a decent enough excuse to go on hiatus for a few weeks. Here's the cliff notes version in pictures:

Obligatory London telephone booth picture.

With The Bestie being touristy goobs on a double decker bus in London.

Vienna,  Austria

Vienna,  Austria

Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland

Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland

The streets of Paris. I drank the kool aid and now love, love, love Paris.


The trip was amazing. I consumed (because "ate" just could not accurately convey what actually went down) more crepes in a 12 hour timespan than anyone should in a lifetime, was propositioned by a homeless man riding a scooter in broken Frenglish (#blessed), perfected my already nearly flawless British accent, met and was inspired by several young women fearlessly exploring the world, was reminded why my best friend is my best friend (basically because she continues to put up with my ADHD), and satisfied my wanderlust for the time being...

Any who... on to the reason you are here for. Restoration projects! I have 3 projects in the pipeline at the moment. All of which were from that massive thrifting haul the week before I left. Here's a sneak peek of where I'm at. Hoping to have a post up very soon of the finished products!

So long orange paint with a distinctly 70's vibe! 

There is some seriously beautiful wood underneath the 15 bajillion coats of paint on this desk.