Sunday, September 28, 2014


The Baron might be my proudest transformation yet! His name was inspired by Industrialists of the 19th Century who were referred to as "Robber Barons," but we're not going to get into that because any more in depth and I'm gonna have to start making stuff up as we go...

If you follow me on facebook you saw me post about this piece that gave me the creeps, but I couldn't resist because it just had such potential or as I like to call it, "Good Bones." This was my first piece I tried hand painting on and it was a cinch! I printed off the numbers, used some tracer paper and we were in business. I warn you though, it is realllllly tedious. Weirdly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed the tedium. Don't know what that says about me and I'm not really willing to explore it!

From KidCreep Chic to Industrial Chic I give you The Baron!


I used Wood Filler to smooth out the top which had some deep scratches.
For this piece I used Behr paint in Poppy Seed PPU15-20 
Inside that cabinet is what I call "Contained Whimsy"

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  • Haim - Days Are Gone album

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Mid Century Modern Furniture is all about clean lines and minimalist design so I decided to keep in line with that school of thought by giving this piece a subtle facelift (if there is such a thing...). The drawers and doors were in fantastic condition while the frame had several scuffs, scratches, and watermarks. Nothing a few coats of paint couldn't fix. And voilà! Mid Century Magic.

You'll notice an amazing piece of artwork in these photos. It was a gift from one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have been waiting forever for the perfect piece to stage it with so that I could show it off to the blogosphere and give a shoutout to an incredible talent. Check out her Etsy store, OkiMochi, for more pieces like this!

P.S. The Gov was insistent you all to know she named this piece for me. We both got a strong masculine, Mad Men-y vibe from this piece, but I don't watch Mad Men (I'm super hip like that). She suggested "Sterling" and I have to say it suits, don't you think? Exhibit A:



I always love incorporating belongings from family and friends in my staging.
The camera is my dad's from his days when he moonlighted as an amateur photographer.
The book is The Gov's. Obviously.

Don't forget to check out OkiMochi

Playing in the background:

  • Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack. Mostly because my roommates are tired of me belting the wrong words...
  • House of Cards