Monday, May 29, 2017


Creativity is a funny thing. 

           raw, produced, demanding, 
                         restorative, draining.

Nearly a year ago I was startled to find myself unable - unwilling even - to work on anything new. My creative vision that had once been so abundant, had gone. It disappeared gradually; somewhere between the empty excuses, misguided priorities, and ill-fated comparisons.

Luckily, my friends and family were insistent that I not give it up permanently. It was recently when one of my friends basically shoved this $30 thrift find at me (and insist with friendly, though very real, threats) that I reunited with creativity in a creepy basement.

I dusted off the old brushes, cranked up the Charles Bradley, and sincerely hoped this didn't turn out to be a complete failure.

Meet Zora.


Pages from a 1962 copy of Structure and Form: Modern Architecture.
Huzzah for $1 book bin finds.

Playing in the background:

  • Big Little Lies soundtrack
  • Harry Styles' album