Saturday, April 12, 2014


Its been a couple weeks since my last post. Mostly because I have not had anything to work on though not from lack of searching. That's the thing about thrifting. Some days you spend the entire day scouring every consignment, thrift, or antique store (and let's face it - your neighbor's curb on trash day) and come away with nothing but disappointment and a lingering scent of mothballs. Other days its like winning the Thrift Store Lottery.

Luckily, this Saturday was a lottery kind of day. 

Unfortunately, the Eau de Mothball lingers despite the outcome...

The Gov joined me on my search for new pieces. Here are a few of the eclectic, the odd, and the awesome things we found. 

Aisles and aisles of trinkets.

Cool leather and hardshell vintage suitcases.

Love the buckle on this one.

$1 for that street sign? Sold.

I will regret walking away from that purple velvet couch til the end of my days. Sigh.

And those were just the things we didn't buy. Are you ready to see what we DID buy?! Drum roll please...!

Would you believe we got all of this for UNDER $150. Yes, LESS THAN $150. Go ahead, take a moment to pick your jaws up.

The lesson here is never be afraid to ask people to come down on their prices. If that sounds intimidating to you (it totally was to me in the beginning) just try asking this one question my dad taught me, "What's your best price?" It never hurts to ask. I decided to ask and not only did they bring their prices down, but they were also having a deal where you got 50% off your entire purchase. WINNING!

Can't wait to show you all the finished products. I'm especially excited about that extra hideous orange dresser. She's gonna be so mod and sleek when I finish with her.

I've leave you with one last view of this amazing velvet couch. I'll be dreaming of it tonight.

Oh, the memories we could have made.